Friday, December 18, 2009

Knucklehead Friday Tech Lees speed shop

I dropped of the new knuck projects motor to Lee last week. If you haven't seen his work, check it out
Lee is a knuck drag racer from back in the day who I have a lot of respect for. He does a lot of cool things in his shop, while dropping off the motor he showed me this crazy Leineweber # 5 Knuckle cam he had made and told me about the history of the legendary Knucklehead "Lightning" cam which is shown below

I wish I could get over there more often, every time I stop in Lee has cool things to talk about, and neat projects all over.


  1. Well, Teach, I hate to leave a comment that sounds like I'm nit picking, but there are a couple issues I have to bring up. The picture you posted is of a cam that is of unknown origin, though the lobes look quite similar to the Leineweber L5. Also, the L5 is not really a custom grind, it is still listed in his catalog. I only had to wait for it because there were none left in stock; I don't suppose they are fast moving item anymore. Lastly, I wish I could tell you the history of the Lightning cam. Everything I know is based on word of mouth from others who may or may not know what they are talking about. Other than that your post was pretty much dead on :)

  2. Hello Kevin...AND Lee...Jim Franco here! Lee we discussed this Cam that Kevin has posted a pic of, as you remember, I posted that Cam pic to you and since we emailed each other last I had the opportunity to talk with the man who installed that Cam in my '36/40 Hillclimber. I'll leave his name out without his permission but he has since informed me that the Cam here in Kevin's blog is actually a Sifton Cam. He was a man of few words but I was able to get that much out of him. It does appear to teased out of a Lightened at least the mystery has been revealed....just as you guessed...NOT a LIGHTNING Cam at all but rather a mutant! It is however fairly radical for my 61ci being about a.450" lift. Just thought I 'd chime in two guys are inspiring....hope to meet both of you someday.

    Jim Franco outta' Seattle, Washington