Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good times in Arizona

We had a great annual Arizona spring break riding trip. We finally weeded out all the losers and have a crew of genuine real deal no drama good people. This year was awsome with nothing but good times and tons of riding. Thanks to everyone who made the week great. Mario "Dirty" Sanchez, Keith and Dawn Cole, Mr and Mrs Jack Shit, Milwaukee Mike, Willard, Biker Jim, Charlie the Nomad and Jill, Medusa Mike and Janell, Long John and Pinky, Robert "PINNER" Hernandez, RUDY the ruler....that Knuck is RAD!, TT Roadhouse, Big Ben and Andrea, GTP, and all the others can't wait until next year you all are awsome!


  1. And the nonstop machine that is JFB!!

  2. ...once again I'm jealous, ya bastard! Looks like good times with good peeps. YO Willard!

  3. Brent, it was a GREAT time with GREAT peeps. When are you coming back down this way buddy?!?