Monday, May 3, 2010

Rode the 47 Knuck Strange Brew to Aberdeen S.D. last weekend

Great break in trip for the new Knuck. Had a great time with Matt and Carl and the whole crew..Thanks again! Well on the way home yesterday I shredded the belt and there were no replacement 11mm belts anywhere. Thanks to Matt Olsen for the pics I stole from his Blog.

Since there was sever winds up by the freeway I rolled my bike down the hill into the gully that was safe from the cold and blowing winds. Here I started taking apart the primary. Matt And carl showed up with a stock front sprocket, and clutch basket to switch out my belt system for a stock chain to get me home.

After I got the new primary on I had to do a little hill climbing to get up out of the gulley.

After that it was smooth cruising the rest of the way home..a nice 600 plus miles in two days felt good.

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  1. Are you sure thats not a Denton NC black snake in the grass...I here Matt don't like them.
    I snapped a belt last month myself...nothin you can do but push if you aint got a spare!