Thursday, August 19, 2010

STURGIS 2010 Thanks

Well Sturgis 2010 was the best ever and if you missed it because you thought it would be yuppie fest you sure missed out at the Broken Spoke County Line Campground and the Limpnickie Lot. we had more Flatheads, Knuckleheads, Panheads, and shovelheads than you could all take in in one day. We have a crew of vintage iron riders who are doing the way it used to be before the big TV show chopper craze. I highly reccomend going next year and staying out by us we have a blast. Thanks to Michael Lichter for having my students and I in his show Eternal Combustion. This display was packed full of cool bikes from many industry legends so having a school teacher and his kids in shows me Michael really cares for the future of this industry. Thanks to Jay Allen and the Broken Spoke for giving the Limpnickie lot a place to call home and keeping it as rule free as possible. Thanks to Big "PETERBILT" Ben for again hauling the class bikes out for me and giving Amy and I a place to crash. Thanks to Matt and Carl olsen for there hospitality again Friday night at there Knucklehead ranch. And thanks to Lee Wickstrom of Lees Speed Shop for going above and beyond to help me with getting my knucks ready for the long road ride out to Sturgis, Lee is an amazing person, motor builder, and just an overall great guy who I look up to and am honored to call a friend and mentor. Also thanks to ll who came to my place and did the ride with us: Steve Jones/Pops/Seth, Warren and crew, Jimmy/Joy, Freese, Pearson, Dano, Mr and Mrs Schulberg, and everyone else for a great week..see ya all next year it will be better than ever

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