Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Building that Shovel for Josh

This shovel motor started out as a purchase we made to use for a class build. After Lee did a valve job for us we went to work, well a brand new Genny shovel from S&S came up for a good price so to buy that we had to sell this motor. Luckily it was Joshs Birth year motor so when he heard about it he bought it and this build was born. The main reason we did the swap though was building and selling bikes at the school for the class..the less worries about older motors, parts+less worries about an unhappy buyer and no warranty on the motor. The new S&S comes with mso and is backed by them so it takes a weight off our shoulders here at the school. Not that we will never use an old motor to build and sell here but when an opportunity like that comes up at a good deal on the new old style motor we couldn't pass it up. Thanks again to LEE'S SPEED SHOP for his continued support of our class
See a nice plug for Lee in the new Drag Specialties Old Book, we chose Lee to build the generator shovel for us for the build for a number of reasons.
#1 Lee is a great person and someone I really look up to
#2 Lee does top notch work at a fair price
#3 Lee is as honest as they get and will not steer you wrong when he does work for you
#4 Lee stand behind ALL his work 100%
Thanks again Lee, hope you like the Old Book finished bike!

And getting tatted by him

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