Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nicks sweet pan for sale

I've seen this bike at his house its awsome and he.s selling it for a smoking good deal!

It was basically built from a stock '61 FL - matching cases, proper
trans, original swingarm frame
with a pan hardtail welded on, stock '61 rear brake, stock '61 dual
point ignition, '61 primary, oil tank, stock controls chromed, etc. The chopper
parts on it are all mid 70s aftermarket - bars, steel trees, spool,
seat, Branch/Mikuni carb conversion. I replaced all the soft parts,
brakes, some gaskets, and changed up the seat, otherwise it's as built
35 years ago. Featured in Dice issue #26. It's a good
runner and has been ridden from Phx out to Las Vegas, CA and, Mexico. No
breakdowns to speak of. It sat in a garage from '82 to '08 with a
chipped gear in the ratchet top which locked it in 4th gear.

Let me know if you need anything else - you can have anyone email or
call me (480) 620-3749. I'd like to get $13.5K for it.

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