Monday, August 15, 2011

STURGIS trip 2011 part 1

Sturgis 2011 was as eventful and adventurous as every year. This year I fattened up my 47 knuck elvis for the ride out stock rear fender full bags, and a buddy seat so my wife Amy could finally ride in comfort on the long black roads we would be traveling this year. I also wanted to bring her knuck and strange brew to ride to some shows out there so Amy pulled our trailer. As we were getting ready to head out of town I am riding behind her and the truck on Elvis when I see a tire go flying off our rig and bounce a mile down the road in the opposite lane..luckily Amy was able to maintain control and get the rig to the side of the road. The front left wheel of my truck came off! After getting saved from my friends Jasons dads truck to step in for the rmained of the trip we moved along to Carls Cycle Supply in Aberdeen SD. Stogie sat on Elvis for a pic in there shop after we installed a stock style muffler on Elvis to complete the new look.

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  1. holy SHIT. glad that wheel incident didnt end in a bad way!