Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Knuckled Reunion 2012

This last weekend was the annual Knucklehead reunion at the Harley Museum in Milwaukee. Carl Olsen "Carl's Cycle Supply" rode his 39 down Thursday night, Friday morning Jason on his 48, myself on my 47, Dan on his 47 and carl headed south for Milwaukee. Well of course its been dry and hot forever but as soon as we got on the road a big rain storm jumps in our path. We got soaked to the bone so we stopped at a bar to dry out and wait for the rain to pass.
Two hours and a few bloody mary's later were back on the road dry and ready for the heat.
We get to Milwaukee with no problems and have a good time at the Knuckle reunion as well as at the Baas Farm. Here we took the Baas acres Safari in dad's old mail Jeep to see the progress of the sewer and water being put into our property.
Sunday we load up with myself, Jay, Dan, My Dad, Uncle Dean, Ronnie and Mark Mark, to head to the Dells for a night.
It just happened to be my Dad's 63rd birthday so we had to celebrate.
My Uncle Dean also on the ride.
Our good old bikes running strong.
My new favorite food..microwaveable Pork Rinds
Coffee Monday morning we found a friend in the sweetner

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  1. that weekend must be a knucklehead weekend - I went to france for the first knucklehead frogland tour.... 6 knuckles, 5 frenchies and 1 englishman.

    next year maybe we can meet mid - atlantic ....cant be wetter than England in July