Saturday, August 18, 2012

Matt and Brittney Olsen= Coolest wedding EVER!

I had the honor of being my good friend Matt Olsen's Best man in his wedding which was monday August 13th and knew this was going to be one to remember. Carl and Deb are my South Dakota Mom and Dad, and this is the best family ever, so much Love Joy and true spirit of all that's good! We left minneapolis on Saturday my wife and I on our 1947 Knuck, and good friend Jason and Jess on there 1948 pan. Well of course the weather didn't cooperate so Sat night we made it about half way to Aberdeen and then found a hotel to hide out from the storm that was coming. Sunday morning we woke up to pouring rain and a forecast of it being in the path we were traveling. We wrapped up in plastic garbage bags and off we went. After riding for another 100 miles in the rain and getting soaked to the bone we stopped at a fleet farm, bought some rain gear and dry clothes and off we went again. Luckily the weather started to clear as we rolled into Aberdeen and the skies were going to be sunny for the wedding. Shortly before we got to Aberdeen Jay's pan blew up and was out for the count. Luckily Greg Lew and Dave Monohan wer close behind with a truck and trailer to rescue him.
Carls Cycle Supply, where dreams come true
The Aberdeen Gun Club, awsome place for a wedding!
Many good people came in for the wedding..Beanre, Pat Simmons(Doobie brothers), Greg Lew, Panhead Billy talk bikes.
Michael Lichter was there shooting pics
Gloria the legend got on a bike for the crowd
Midnight Mike, Dan Fry and Big Ben Hudack
How cool to have the wall of death at your wedding, Milwaukee Mike in the house too!
Matt Walksler and I getting ready for some good time festivities
Matt Walksler, Matt Olsen, me and loc Baker
The always good to see Wall of Death crew.
Here we are the groosmen and groom all cleaned up
Miss Brittney and Matt saying there vows on stage at the Wall of Death
The first kiss
The beautful newly wed couple..I can't say enough of how much we love these two and look forward to all our future times together.
Here is the awsome Ford that Matt's parent drove of on there wedding day in 30 years earlier...Carl got it running so Matt and Brittney could do the same.
The happy couple did there first dance inside the wall of death
My beautiful wife and I we celebrated 13 years of marriage this year so weddings always bring us a smile.
The reception was awsome as well, who has Pat Simmons from the Doobie brothers there to do some acoustic for us..MAtt and Brittney do!
Milwaukee Mike, Jay Allen and Beanre enjoy the great dinner
Beanre and Jeff Decker at dinner
Tuesday morning we got the bikes ready for the ride home, Matt Walksler has a sweet pan. Unfortunatley my friend Jay blew up his 48 before we got to Aberdeen so Amy and I were riding home solo.
New spark plugs and some carb adjustment and Elvis is ready to roll
Loc let me take his cool Airplane head/cylinder bike for a spin, way cool!
The beautiful ladies, My wife, Brittney and Jess HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!


  1. Two of the nicest people I've met in the last couple of years,best wishes on them.