Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vintage Bike Addiction Booth

Finally got our act together and have a trailer/booth set up for shows. I spent years running around promoting the chopper class and spending money. Now I can still promote for the Chopper class and sell some of my stuff to make some gas money. Our goal of trying to get out of our small house with no land/shop space to buy an old farm for a new improved Baas Metal Craft/ Vintage Bike Addiction compound is our top priority so we need to generate some money to make this a reality. We appreciate everyone who has bought a shirt, seat pan, battery box, sign, wheel cover etc. and I can't thank you enough! Here is our first time set up
Don't forget to order a shirt $20.00 shipped for s-xl $25.00 shipped for 2x, or 3x Out of the US add $35.00 shipped for s-xl $40.00 for 2x or 3x THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!


  1. Where do I send coin for the shirts?!? I need two in triple chubby!

  2. Right on THANKS WES!!! payapl is baasmetalcraft@yahoo.com Hope all is well my friend.

  3. All is well!! Hope the same for you. Coin sent. Thanks pal!