Saturday, September 15, 2012

Vintage Bike Addiction is spreading fast

Man I can't believe how many people are converting to the vintage bike addiction. I see so many new faces popping up on old pans and knucks that were evo riders just a few years ago and I'm amazed how many are in a fret to sell off there shovelheads because they just got to have that pan or knuck now. Just remember kids having an old bike don't make ya cool, being able to wrench on it, ride it and keep it alive and well is what is important..that and you better buy a shirt to let everyone know your not one of them new bike here is the perfect one for you
$20.00 shipped in US for s-xl $25.00 shipped for 2x,or3x This logo on the back, and a small HArley #1 logo with F2W like my tat on the front Also got these stickers in with the same design, I'll throw a few in with any shirt order

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