Monday, November 19, 2012

Modifying a Joe Hunt Magneto so you don't have to shave your pan cases.

The age old dilemma of running an old style magneto but having to shave off your relay boss on the cases to do so. You can get a Morris 74E and re index the base to run the mag sticking straight out but them Morris mags are spendy, then there is the G5 fancy fully automatic mag but they are even more spendy and MAN I HATE the look of that Morris G5 on a pretty old genny motor. I have seen many beautiful bikes soured by having one of those ugly suckers on. The true cool is an old cast not billet Hunt magneto beauty. So I decided to set out to run that very mag on my pan project without bastardizing the cases. Below you will see some pics of my transformation.


  1. Good job,I've always resisted magnetos for that very reason. I hate seeing the shaved off bosses on the old cases.