Tuesday, March 5, 2013

When it rains it pours

Trying to get a few bikes ready for the big Donnie Smith show in three weeks, as some may know now the Chopper class lost a lot of build time now that my school changed to a shorter class period 6 period day and also cut two more Tech Ed teachers- the auto and woods guys.  So this made me the one man show and now I am spread out thin having to teach woods, autos, metals, chopper, TV, graphics and engineering.  Because of this I was only allowed to run the chopper class one trimester this year rather than the normal two quarters back to back.  So this took away much needed class and build time to get as much done as we normally can.  The S&S tribute x-wedge is not close to being done yet and will need to be kept under wraps until the unveiling at the S&S 55th party this summer.  The other class projects we have in various stages are all far from done.   For the Vintage Bikes we wanted to showcase, the 1940 ULH which is being rebuilt by Lee at Lee's Speed Shop is at a stand still as two of my freshly ground cams are not hardened properly and I'm trying to find someone to send them to to be sure they get done right and come back ready to use.  Then the 46 knuck turned out to have some bum flywheels and internals so now Im getting a new stroker kit from S&S thanks to Rodeo and with those wheels we will rebuild the lower end at Smileys Cycle Works, S&S is having a tech done on this to use so as we put this together  the progress and steps will be documented at Smileys shop to us in some future S&S promotions. The dual carb panheads I finally finished the repairs and as of today (march 8th) thanks to Smileys cycle works we got the valves cleaned up and back in the heads so I can now get them on the Born free build so I can start actually building this bike!  We have the 1971 Shovel chopper almost done and will be there for sale and hopefully a few other projects depending on how the next two weeks go.  Wish us luck!

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