Saturday, October 26, 2013

We Finally are moving out to the country!

After a long road of dreaming and working hard towards getting out of the city life and into the country  we can finally say WE DID IT!  We listed our house Friday Oct 18th   and sold Sunday Oct 20th!!!!  It was unreal to sell so fast and the same day we listed our house a 10 acre property outside of Prior Lake went up for was perfect for us land a nice remodeled house, and best of all a 64x45 pole barn shop!!!  We made an offer as soon as we found out our house was sold and thank the lord ours was accepted as it turns out there were three offers on the place!!!  Now its time to make my new shop into something great, and begin making memories with my wife and boys on the property!


  1. Congrats man!! Been working toward the same dream myself!

  2. That's shop is really too big for bikes, too much yard to mow, bad phone service, well water . . . I don't know man - hasty decisions . . . ?????????

  3. It's good to see a hard working American can still get his/her piece of heaven here on earth. Enjoy!