Monday, January 18, 2010

Arizona Trip Love Cycles Party

Just got back from 70 degree weather, in Arizona. What a blast spent some good time riding with good people. Here is Charlie the Nomad at Marios house we were picking up Marios bikes to take back to Keith's.
At Medusa Mikes checking out his always cool stuff going on, congrats on the new space up front...and keep up the sand casting that will be cool.
At Keiths fixing El Travieso..I think tis bike is the most cursed bike in the world, three crashes and constant problems..time to get an exorsist.
Charlie the nomads new 69 shovel.
At Foundry Moto, Pockets and Andy from SPS..Big Chris and Rudy from Foundry Moto...good time at there party Friday night

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  1. It was great spending some time with you Teach! Can't wait until next time when things aren't as crazy and you're here for a little longer!