Monday, January 18, 2010

More Arizona trip pics

Here is an FXR bike I may buy, I never got the whole FXR craze until I rode the shit out of Keiths 113 inch FXR all weekend, man that bike handled like a dream and I was sideways down the road in total control more than I was cruising straight a ahead, felt like dirt bike riding but on the pavement..lots of fun. This bike is ugly as sin, but if I am going to ride one I don't want to do the everybody trying to go all SoCal look..I'd leave this one as is and ride the shit out of it.

Charlie the nomad gettin her hot at a gas station
George the painter and MArio gettin em hot at TT ROADHOUSE

Charlie the Nomad, me, Keith, Mario and my Pa, getting ready to head to Love cycles
At LOVE CYCLES, great collection of bikes and good people
Keith and Dawn, thanks for all the hospitality
Keiths big inch FXR this bike hauls ass
Keiths grocery getter


  1. dude, that FXR is so grossly awesome. buy it!

  2. kevin good to see you,wish we had more time to hang out!!!see you soon

  3. Wow, Teach riding something newer then a 1969? That is different!

  4. hey my neck is a little sore ha ha ha thanks for being a gentleman about the hole thing see you at born free

  5. Ya man no worries, good to meet you and your crew.

  6. I love that fxrt! you would be the king of the highway if you scored a bike like that.