Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welding Knuck tranmission cases part II

Well Here is another 1947 date code transmission that I had, this one needed the kicker cover threaded mounts repaired. As you can see some of them were cracked on the outside, some on the inside and some the previous owner just couldn't figure out proper torque specs.

I start by grinding out the broken areas and get them cleaned up to bare pure aluminum, no grease loctite or other impurities..gotta be clean!
Then I preheat using a soft peddle with the torch which also acts a a final cleaning to the area to be welded, I use my clean aluminum only wire brush a few times on the area during this process.
Here we have all the bad ears welded up, I built up extra aluminum to give me plenty of room to grind, sand and file back down to the stock shape.
Here I grind the welds down but still leave them high enough past the gasket surface to me machined down to the final height.

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