Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welding Knuck tranmission cases part 3

Continuing on from the Part II above, here is the case on the right all welded and my other 47 transmission on the left to be used for reference when I shape this one back to look stock.
I now put the case in my 4 jaw chuck on my lathe and get it squared up so I can machine the welds down to be flush with the original gasket surface. Use a dial indicator and a magnetic base to get this dead on.
Once it is all true we can start taking 10 thou off on each pass
As you can see below, the finished surface is smooth and there are no low spots or dips that would allow oil to seep through.
The kicker cover is put on and using transfer punches I mark the center of where the new holes need to be drilled.

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