Monday, July 22, 2013

What motorcycles mean to me

Motorcyles have been a part of my family since my father was 14.  He bought his first bike, a knuckle for 500.00 using money he saved up from his summer job working for a nursery.  He stashed the bike at a friends so my Grandma wouldn't find out about it...then one day riding it home from work Grandma happened to see him and followed him to his friends..she found out it was his and made him sell it...that was the first, last and only bike my father would ever sell.  He later found a 1952 pan and then while fighting in viet-nam was ordering chopper grandpa would take pictures and send him the developed pictures to let my dad know what parts came in.  My parents lived it always and still do and when I go home to see them I always dig out the old photo albums and check out there old pics of all the different trips and parties they did back in the 70's and 80's..makes me realize who free and easy life was back then..nothing they did was really organized other than meeting at a bar and then heading in a general direction with a vague idea of some campground they hoped to find.  Old bikes, and good spirits..Life was good.  I hope some day my boys feel the same way and want to dig through my pictures of all I have done as a result of my Mom and dad and I hope they too will appreciate the spirit of what these old bikes mean to us all and truly have it in there souls.  Old bikes to me are in my blood and are a part of my life that I can remember all the way back to when I was in diapers and I am amazed at how many other good people and friends I have made through my life with bikes.  I want to thank my parents for what they taught me and look forward to every new year and the adventures that I will take.

 My first clutch bike  a 1979 YZ80 (steel tank)

 My parents just living every day Free and Easy

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  1. Kevin.

    I really appreciate you sharing these classic images. Great stuff, as It reminds me of my parents old color albums as well. I dig the old Ford pickup. These images definitely capture an America which I wish would return...Freedom!