Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Milwaukee and the Harley 110th

Man what a great ride great weekend and good people.  Any event is what you make of it with the company you keep, and riding around all weekend with good friends on old bikes made for another trip for the memory books.
Started thge weekend with Good Friend Ryan and Sandy Hofer coming in from Minot ND with Trigger the 1947 Indian that you may remember from the movie Hell ride.  Dan Fry an Big Ben Hudak also came over to drink a few beers and catch up on old times.

Ben and Ryan stealing stuff
 Here we are making progress the next day on our way to Milwaukee in Lacrosse for a gas stop.
Found a new ride for Ben

 Finally late we rolled in to milwaukee and my parents farm

 The next morning I had to be at the museum for a meet and greet at the Harley Museum.
Also took a tour and saw my class bike on display, so cool I never would have believed if someone told me some day there would be a bike in there I built with my students!

 Ran into T-Bone and got to hang for a while along with Mike and Grant.  Scott got so drunk on Pabst that he knocked over a few old bikes in the museum.  JK
 Got to talk with Jeff for a bit, great man!
 Went to the Juneau plant where it all began and Ben and Dan somehow talked the security guards into letting them climb the water tower on the roof!
 Home coming
Turned out Mikes frame cracked so he had to to improvise a gusset for me to weld on.
 Sunday getting ready to head home we stopped at Hals and saw the Baker crew, always good to see Bert, he is awsome!

Small towns and old bikes make for a nice ride home.  A few pits stops for a cold one never hurts.

After 700 + miles I rolled in to my driveway on the 1939 Knuck.  The old bike ran great all weekend and made me proud pounding all the miles.  Thanks to the guys at the SHED for a great party Sat night, and my parents as always for letting me and the crew crash on the farm.

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