Thursday, June 19, 2014


Well I have not been on here much lately being busy with my new farm, father of three boys, husband , teacher, business owner and Born Free 6 invited builder.  So I guess I should at least give some updates on my Born Free 6 1940 ULH build for the show

This is the basic stance of the bike, still need to get pipes, bars and controls done.
One option of bars I am trying
A view with the pipes on and another bar option.

First off I want to thank all who help my chopper class and our sponsors!  Harley-Davidson is on board with us to get the bike out there and back
Support the company, they are awesome!

Second I want to thank Russ Brown Motorcycle attorneys
They came on board and are sponsoring the chopper class, check out their website and spread the word for motorcycle riders protecting motorcycle riders!  Thanks again RUSS BROWN

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